Hand-painted pinstriping is the best way to make brand-new motorcycles stand out from the rest of the inventory and put custom bikes on your floor. The delicate accent stripes and old-school pinline designs make the bikes more appealing and destined to go over the curb faster.  The thin painted lines increase visual appeal, heightens pride in ownership and makes a connection with a timeless link the biker culture admires.  

Many of you already know that the artist Dave Letterfly serves a route of customer-dedicated Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships east of the Mississippi. Pinstriping is a great way to create another stream of income - an easy way to double or triple your money while enhancing the inventory that results in stimulation of sales. And, the customers appreciate having the opportunity to get personal artwork created to enhance their bikes. 
The Sales staff knows that while the artist is on premises, the bikers attracted to this unique activity are inside the store looking at the enhanced Inventory. Once you experience all the benefits you will agree that having Letterfly Pinstriping at your store is a great way to demonstrate your dedication to making motorcycling more fun (and profitable) for everyone. But decorating bikes is just one part of the unique service your dealership can take advantage of every year.  Read on to discover more than just a few reasons to have Letterfly, the pinstriping guy, at your motorcycle dealership.
For more information contact; Letterflyartiste@aol.com
(813) 752 8063

Looking for something new?

Pinstriping is a proven way to:

  • Make the inventory eye-catching, appealing and profitable
  • Generate traffic to your motorcycle dealership.
  • Create a frenzy of excitement throughout the entire customer base

Wake up your marketing - Wake up your customers - Wake up your bottom line

Is your marketing getting stale? Are your customers tired of the same old announcements about bikes on sale, parts, accessories and service upgrades? What about the incentive to buy now?  Do you want something innovative to pique their interest?
By including something new in your marketing, you also make your followers sit up, take notice and get the message you want them to get. This Harley Davidson dealership is more than just a source of motorcycles.
High quality pinstriping is a proven strategy to drive traffic through your door, make your inventory eye-catching and increase your bottom line.
You are invited to think beyond the no-cost-to-you entertainment value, the proven way to attract new customers into your store and the elevation of pride among the bikers who enjoy one-of-a-kind pinstriping on their scoots.
  • Are you happy with how much money you are making?
  • Do you experience slow periods with no customers in the store?
  • Are you in search of the next right thing to do?
Getting people into the store is an ongoing goal that must be constantly addressed. The best way to do this is to announce something new. Sure, you tell them about the latest models, new wardrobe, parts that are on sale, club activities, free beer, burgers and a band in the parking lot - but do that over and over and over every month of the year and what happens? Your customers look at your advertising blast and say “so what”.
Create an incentive to get people into the store now!
Savvy marketing departments know that announcing a limited-time Value-Added Attraction in advance creates a frenzy of excitement among the clientele and gets people back into your store who haven’t visited for a long time. This traditional part of the motorcycle culture will impress the first-time tire kickers. Plus, watching a pinline design come to life right before their eyes qualifies as pure entertainment.  Letterfly provides informative videos, relevant marketing material, logos, photos of designs and happy customers galore to include in your e-blasts, social media posts and on You-Tube.  
But that’s not all!
You can add a lively element to your Garage Night event or at the HOG Chapter meeting while the artist is at your store. Because of the artists show business background, Letterfly will be happy to stand up and give from five to forty-five-minutes of an enlightening, entertaining and humorous presentation.
Eye-catching inventory makes you money!
Why do you think that the motorcycle industry spends so much time and effort with the intricate details of the paint job? Especially the spectacular artwork and stripe packages on the top-shelf bikes? They know that when you look at the inventory, you see the paint first.
Custom bikes are part of the sales strategy for a reason. Not only do the radical handlebars, chrome accessories, lighting and accent striping make the bikes on the floor more appealing but the savvy motorcycle dealer knows they can mark up everything that went into the build. And that increases the bottom line and allows for wiggle room during the sale.  Plus having old school one-of-a-kind craftsmanship adds an exotic value that is irresistible.  Pinstriping commands attention while the art provides a timeless link to our colorful culture.
Solve inventory problems with paint
Do you have slow moving inventory or duplicates on the floor? Do you have a good used bike that keeps getting overlooked? Do you want that plain Street Glide to look like a CVO? These are all examples of problems that can be fixed with pinstriping.  Plus, since you can double or triple the return of your investment in pinstriping, not only do you make the bike more attractive but it is easier to sell with a significant increase in profit.
For example, Chris Mayer at Stars and Stripes has Letterfly stripe a dozen bikes every time he comes to the store. He knows the enhanced inventory shortens the sales cycle, increases the profit margin and expands customer loyalty.
For more information contact; Letterflyartiste@aol.com
(813) 752 8063

Strengthen your existing marketing plan

You want a proven way to attract people into your store - especially those who have never experienced your retail space before! Advance marketing does two things; creates anticipation and makes a promise to deliver something new – in this case you are providing a unique opportunity - not available anywhere else.
How do you accomplish this? Expand your creative marketing campaign with the announcement that unique pinstriping services will be available for a limited time.   And that creates a frenzy of excitement. If you like the idea of attracting new customers to your store keep reading about this proven formula for attracting new business.
Most marketing is the same old thing. If you haven’t found a way to add something new and unexpected in your email blasts, social media content and You-Tube posts to capture the attention of your customer base you risk losing them to other savvy dealerships. By offering a link to the past - that is rapidly disappearing from the mainstream – you give them something they cannot get anywhere else and they will love you all the more for it.
We help with providing valuable content for your blasts and social media content.   We have informative videos, marketing material, logos, high quality photos of pinstripe designs and happy bikers galore for you to include in your e-blasts and on social media.
Create a frenzy of excitement
You can initiate a tsunami of enthusiasm by including this value-added attraction in your parking lot that heightens pride in ownership among the bikers. Dave’s presence is a community building experience for your guests who get an opportunity to commission a personal touch that distinguishes their bike from the rest, and an easy way to add fun to their visit to your store.
Move people to action now
Watching a hand painted pinstripe design come to life right before your eyes is pure entertainment. By including this interesting and timeless part of the biker culture in your marketing efforts, you demonstrate the premise that no expense is being spared to bring your customers a unique value-added service that makes motorcycling more fun.    
Internet motorcycle trading is on the rise but does it cost the foot traffic finding your retail facility?
Many Harley Dealerships are becoming distribution centers for internet sales. This affects the traffic patterns into these retail facilities. But you still have motor clothes, accessories and services to offer.  You are now aware of multiple ways and reasons to attract traffic back through the doors of your facility.
Final thoughts
Having an artist on premises to customize motorcycles gives you an advantage, another stream of income and establishes your dealership as innovative and dedicated to providing all you can to make motorcycling more fun.
Letterfly Pinstriping is poised and ready to be of service to you. I love my job – making people happy with the gifts I have been given. The team at Letterfly is dedicated to doing what we can to make motorcycling more fun for everyone. And, we love having fun.
For more information contact; Letterflyartiste@aol.com
(813) 752 8063