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EyeSoarGreetings is a greeting card company dedicated to the unique and unusual, with a bias to bikers and their friends sharing the motorcycling experience. Savvy retailers looking to expand their offerings may present these one-of-a-kind, old school pinstripe designs and “low brow” images among their traditional offerings.

Dealers, please call Wendy; 813 752 8063

Each motif is an original, carefully painted by the artist “Letterfly” whose background of service to the biker community is appreciated nationwide. Much of the panel art that is featured on each greeting card cover started as a painted example used on the artists traveling display/ portable studio where he provides this special pinstriping service at bike events,  customer dedicated Harley-Davidson stores across the country, and as demonstration panels he decorates in front of curious art appreciators in these and other venues. This genre is not only a traditional part of vehicular art but are also the result of years of practice developing finesse with the ungainly, specialized pinstriping brush. A variety of combinations of colors and styles are available printed on greeting cards for you to purchase.

The value of the hand painted pinline motif is in the realm of contemplation. As you gaze at the design, let your mind become quiet and let the artwork spark an inner journey of intrinsic wonder. A major contributor to the motorcycle culture, the artist Letterfly has been creating one-of-a-kind pinstripe designs ever since being imprinted as a child during the 50’s and 60’s when a new style of this art form was emerging. For centuries the traditional means of transportation decoration, thin painted lines, not only added character and personality to each vehicle but provided proof of quality.

Proud craftsmen established that their hand-built carriages & wagons were accurately fitted and tightly fastened together by hand pinstriping lines over each joint. Keeping alive this timeless art form, the creation of each motif is an exercise in playful meditation where the artist opens himself up to possibilities as each stroke occurs, only to reveal and discover the intention as the last connecting stroke is made.


Information about a “One Man Art Show” that imitates the highly successful exhibition “Motorcycles as Art” at the Guggenheim is also here on the website and as a virtual art gallery experience. With this unique peek into one aspect of “Low Brow” art, we hope to entertain and enlighten an expanding patronage of appreciators of this and other forms of art.

A sizable collection of this art form is on display at Patriot Harley-Davidson in Fairfax, Virginia and at Colonial Harley-Davidson, in Prince George, Virginia and in private collections across the country.

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