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"Rolling Art,...Why a Mural?"


Yet another activity to use to generate traffic to your store campus is the informative and enlightening seminar “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?” designed as an entertaining activity to educate guests about all aspects of custom paint that the biker culture is especially noted for. Historic anecdotes about low-brow art, the experience to expect as the result of having one-of-a-kind artwork on your bike, what goes into the selection of the perfect image theme to personify your bike and style categories for stripe designs and the myriad of ways to produce the ever popular flame is just part of what is covered during the seminar. The Q&A session that is part of the presentation insures that every aspect of curiosity for the potential artwork buyer or aficionado interested in some technical aspect of this fascinating subject is covered in detail. The seminar concludes with a contest (advertising for a lucky winner attracts the audience) where one fortunate biker wins a certificate worth $250. for pinstriping or custom artwork on his or her bike. Letterfly will also work with your sales and marketing team and provide as yet another incentive, a similar prize to the purchaser of a new bike during the event.
You can use “Rolling Art,...Why a Mural?”  as either a stand alone, hour long event or include just a portion to augment Ladies Garage Night or a HOG Chapter meeting that occurs during the artists visit. Bike clubs, Art Guilds, Civic groups, virtually anyone curious about decorative paint and wanna-be painters enjoy the informative talk the artist has been giving in a variety of venues for over fifteen years. Attendees benefit with heightened awareness of custom paint possibilities and you can even attract with this event, part of the community that has never been in your store before.



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