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Multi-Media Advertising Campaign


To help generate traffic to your store, to insure the success of your event, and to announce the upcoming value-added pinstriping and mural design service that you are providing for your customers, an informative and entertaining advertising campaign to include in your email blasts is now ready. These email blast inclusions are easy to use.  Simply paste the poster picture into your email body, imbed the link, and when clicked, up pops another window that treats the viewer to a three minute video presentation and plants the seed of customization options. Your customers will be informed in several segments that provide a sequence of information that begins with planting the seed of pride in ownership, enlightens with colorful ideas for enhancing the motorcycle experience with decorative artwork, and entertains with interesting sniglets about the low-brow, biker culture artwork and its iconic imagery that Letterfly Pinstriping is passionate about, fascinated with and dedicated to.

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A series of five different inclusions means that introduction of this attraction can begin two months prior to the artist’s arrival (depending on the frequency that you send out an informative email.) Each addition in the series contains a different JPG image for placement in your email blast, along with a paragraph or two of interesting content. Providing variety to your readers with different episodes with each Email will heighten interest in the upcoming event and is the reason for our creation of five different versions. Also included with the JPG and the short story is a link that, once clicked, takes the viewer to a video presentation about yet another aspect of the motorcycle experience. The series of delightful imagery accompanied by fascinating reading not only add interesting content to your Email blasts, elevating the status of your store in the minds of your customers but reinforces the premise of customer dedication with what is coming up.


Campaign 1)       The series starts with a JPG collage of lettered images of designs that have been painted on other peoples bikes, again with the header “Pinstriping Coming,” a story about using a simple manner of identity, fun and communications, a reason to add a name or inscription to their motorcycle and is fully explained in the story; “What’s in a Name?” and an entertaining video.
Campaign 2)       The collection in episode 2 of our campaign is a celebration of color, with important anecdotes about all the players in the spectrum and an enlightening explanation that reveals why the bikers favorite choice of color remains what it is. You will enjoy perusing; “Why Black?” and the clever film.
Campaign 3)      Episode three of the campaign has a different JPG image of several pinstriping art forms including classic flames, old school pinstriping, feathers, skulls and pictorials with the heading “Pinstriping Coming Here” and a place to add the dates. A paragraph about “Pride in Ownership” provides interesting reading and prompts interest in customizing options for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The third part of the campaign starter is a link that, when pushed, starts a three minute video that rockets the viewer through a testosterone-pumping smorgasbord of artistic inspiration, perfect for the active biker that wants to personalize his or her scoot.
Campaign 4)       The artist brings his personal bike, with an extensive paint job, to put on display while at your store too. The “Buffalo Bill Wild West” is the theme for this bike and the extensive artwork is a proven magnet for paint aficionados and the curious alike. The JPG image contains a bevy of the details from this bike and a story about how this showpiece was created to further generate interest in coming to your store to witness this beauty firsthand and take it all in. push the link and be transported back to the old west and some footage about this marvelous bike.
Campaign 5)       The Pin-Up is easily the most popular and beautiful of all the biker art forms. What better conclusion for this series than an arresting collage of images and several paragraphs of appealing content that will arouse the readers along with a seductive motion picture.




Heighten the experience of your guests and elevate the name of your store in the minds of your customers with these cutting edge media encounters for your email blasts that all of us at Letterfly are pleased to supply in an effort to provide outstanding service to you.



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