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Are you looking for a no cost way of generating traffic to your store? Customer friendly Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country have found the inclusion of a value-added service will heighten pride in ownership amongst their guests. Letterfly, the noted motorcycle pinstriping and mural painting guy brings his special gift and presence to transform an empty patch of tarmac into a “Creativity Central” for your motorcycle riding customers to enjoy and utilize while at your store.
An event in itself, reasons abound to have Letterfly in your parking lot. Examples of many styles of artwork that the motorcycle culture is noted for are on display on the four sided “Art Gallery” booth that enlightens the onlookers that also enjoy watching the creation of a personal design on a motorcycle.
To summarize the positive reasons to invite the artist Letterfly to your store and to provide a peek into the personality of the artist, this top ten list has been created.


Top Ten reasons to Host Letterfly Pinstriping at your Harley-Davidson Store


  1.         Entertainment – Watching a hand painted design come to life right before your eyes is a study in creativity and qualifies as entertainment for your guests, keeping them fascinated for hours as they step away from their cell phones and computers and imagine a unique image that will set their bike apart from the rest.


  2.         Value - Your clients are enlightened as they are drawn to the experience of personal expression and consulting the artist in regard to the creation of a one-of-a-kind traditional painted masterpiece.


  3.         Reduced bike inventory – Letterfly loves to pinstripe one of the bikes on the floor to say thank you for having him here and to prime the pump for other projects. Naples Harley-Davidson reported that they sold the tricked out bike the very next day.


  4.         Training – The artist enlightens and educates with a one hour seminar that is available entitled “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?”


  5.         Pets – Painting portraits of animals is easily the artist’s favorite project.  If you love your pet, and want them with you always, you will enjoy the fact that he captures the personality of your pet with sensitive and adept brush strokes.


  6.         Advertising to Fill Your Calendar – Letterfly can fill a three day weekend with an event that you and your customers will remember. Advertising – Posters, Images and blurbs to add to email blasts are available to get the word out that your store has this unique and entertaining event coming up. Don’t ever leave anything blank on your important events calendar, Letterfly IS an event.


  7.         Profit & Return on your Non-Investment – The Letterfly Rolling Art Gallery draws an audience and while they are on the property your store will profit. – Yes, I said non-investment. You clear the path for Dave’s Rolling Art Gallery and that is your only investment.


  8.         Eliminate Confusion among Your Guests - Once Letterfly Pinstriping has been added to their motorcycle, your customers no longer swing their leg over the wrong bike.


  9.         Create Happier Customers - Motorcyclists that get decorative artwork experience significantly better mileage, no doubt the result of the bike running happier. Also a pinstriped bike gets waves from admiring motorists that include all the fingers


  10.       Repeat – Yes, you can start at number one again. Once Letterfly visits your store he will gladly return for repeat visits. His 30 plus years of service and travel across this country speaks for itself. Give us the word and Dave will see you again… and again



Team Letterfly remains dedicated to finding additional ways to be a blessing to you, the Harley-Davidson professional

with these value-added services and welcome your requests and suggestions.


Letterflyartiste@aol.com     Wendy Hetrick 813 752 8063   LetterflyPinstriping.com
Onerudyburger@yahoo.com  Mike Moore 229 3959967
Letterfly@aol.com      Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer   813 505 5539     Travelog.Letterfly.com     Letterfly.com

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